Digital Security at Work/Home

Module 4: The Digital Security At Work/Home lectures and labs introduce students to “best-practices” concerning their digital lives at work and at home. In this section, we will cover: social media, passwords, safe web surfing, using email, public WiFi, home networking tips, data backup and concerns with cloud storage, mobile devices, security while traveling and defenses against fake news.
  • Discussion and understanding concerning a variety of security best-practices for work and at home
  • Windows System Hardening – Students will explore and configure several security settings used to harden modern Windows systems, to include: properly configuring the host firewall, using antivirus, securing user accounts through proper controls, removing unnecessary applications, and performing a system backup.
Module 5: The Case Studies lectures will cover four highly damaging cyber-attacks against a variety of companies over the last few years. We will discuss the series of errors which came to light, post attack, and each case will culminate in a discussion on possible defenses or controls which should have been in place to better defend each of the companies, and by extension, their customers.
  • Discuss how the lack of a good defensive posture aided the attackers
  • Work through each attack scenario and arrive at appropriate security practices to defend the victim companies from future attacks using the same vector(s)