Full Name
Gisela Torino
Job Title
Systems Engineer
Audio Visual Resources, Inc.
Gisela is a CTS-I, CQT, CQD Certified System Specialist at Audio Visual Resources. She is the company’s most senior testing and verification agent and the main Crestron programmer for the company.

She started her career as sound engineer for live and recording artists, working with all types of music genres from jazz to salsa. After dealing with too many heavy bass amplifiers and monstrous subwoofers, she decided to get an EET degree and move into the AV industry.

Presently, she collaborates with artists such as choreographers, musicians, and cinematographers using new technologies such as projection mapping, sensor-based interactive devices, and virtual reality to enhance their creative visions.

She has been selected for the 2018 SCN Hall of Fame.
Gisela Torino